The Pregnant Husband

  1. When PEOPLE magazine does a write-up on this blog and my other site, Daddy-Newbie.

    I’m like:

    Overreaction gif

    You can read the article here :-)


  2. Hey Everyone,

    My son was born this past week - both mom and baby are doing well :-)

    Now that this chapter of my life has come to a close, this blog is no longer relevant to everything we’re going through. As such, I’ll be making the jump starting tonight from The Pregnant Husband to a new blog called “Daddy Newbie”.

    You can follow the blog via the link I’ve attached to this post :-)

    Thanks for reading!


  3. When my son is born (healthy and happy) and my wife is no longer pregnant, my debating on whether or not to start another blog – this time about being a first time dad.

    I’m like:

    Will Ferrell Ricky Bobby gif


  4. When my pregnant wife has been in labor for hours on end at the hospital and the nurse comes in to our room saying that she’s got a refreshed bowl of ice chips to help her get through the next few hours.

    My wife’s like:



  5. When my pregnant wife is ready to go to bed.

    She’s like:

    Cat jumping into bean bag gif


  6. With the baby now three days overdue, my (very uncomfortable) wife and me talking to her belly.

    We’re like:

    You get out of here gif


  7. Talking to my pregnant wife the morning after she made some five or six trips to the bathroom during the night.

    She’s like:

    Sleepy cat gif


  8. When my pregnant wife sees me heating up pizza and thinks I’m doing it for just myself, but then comes over and sees that I’m making enough for two.

    She’s like:

    The Walking Dead gif


  9. When my pregnant wife tells me to put my hand on a particular spot on her belly and out of nowhere the baby kicks.

    I’m like:

    Cat jump because of spring gif


  10. After looking forward to the due date for so long, the day after it passes and still no baby.

    It’s like:

    Dominoes gif