The Pregnant Husband

  1. When it’s the baby’s due date and things are still status quo.

    My pregnant wife is like:

    Antsy dog


  2. How my 9 months pregnant wife is feeling these days.

    She’s like:

    Fuck this gif


  3. My 9-month pregnant wife trying to get off the couch.

    She’s like:

    Dog stuck in bowl gif


  4. When I ask my pregnant wife to be honest and tell me how much the Braxton hicks contractions really hurt.

    She’s like:

    You can’t handle the truth gif


  5. When my pregnant wife is cranky before she leaves for work, but when I get home later in the day she tells me she’s feeling better because she picked something up for the nursery during the day.

    I’m like:

    Wayne’s World gif


  6. When I make fun of my pregnant wife and she responds by saying that she’s going to pop a water balloon in bed while I’m sleeping to trick me into thinking that her water broke.

    I’m like:

    Proud of you gif


  7. When it’s a fast food night and I ask my pregnant wife if she wants McDonald’s or Wendy’s and she tells me she doesn’t care and so I say that I want Wendy’s and she responds, “Oh that’s right, because you’re the pregnant one here.”

    I’m like:

    Wait what gif


  8. When my pregnant wife wants to go to sleep and I’m not tired yet.

    She’s like:

    Go to sleep gif


  9. When the doctor gave my pregnant wife a note saying she should be excused from work.

    She was like:

    How I met your mother gif


  10. When my pregnant wife is crying for no reason and I ask if it’s because of her hormones.

    She’s like:

    You wanna die gif